Let me tell you something about Oliver G. Finch - Thriller Novel

“Nothing is easier than self-deceit.

 For what each man wishes that he also believes to be true.”


When a successful psychiatrist attends a mental health conference in London, he learns about the disturbing story of a man who committed a horrible crime. To do a friend a favor, he decides to get involved in the case. But of course, only to help, right?

Meanwhile, his wife is facing her own challenges, especially the one being married to him.

They say you have to be a little bit self-obsessed to get to the top. But how much obsession is too much for one person to take? How sinister does it have to get until the situation becomes unbearable?

The couple maneuvers themselves into a complicated situation by bringing someone into their lives who will turn everything upside down. Nothing is like it seems anymore, and everything gets slowly out of control. How long will it take until one of them finally snaps? And who is it going to be?

Spider Lily - Thriller Novel

"Don't let your emotions make your decisions"

A happily married couple, a lovely home in a good suburb of Detroit, friendly neighbors, and a cute dog. What more could one ask for.

Daniel Fairbanks, a successful author of short crime novels, lives a seemingly idyllic life with his wife, a prosperous lawyer. But appearances are deceiving. Daniel suffers from his alcoholic wife’s outbursts but endures them patiently.

One day, Daniel’s already complicated life is made worse by a crazed fan. Slowly, the anonymous admirer creeps into his life in a pretty sick way, and soon the writer finds himself in a real-life murder mystery.

After the cops screw up, Daniel is on his own, but perhaps something positive can be made out of his crappy situation.  Being a writer, he has a creative streak by nature. Will this creativity help him deal with this twisted psychopath?

One Night in November - Thriller Novella

Till death do us part - Book One

A beautiful house, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by landscaped gardens, a private forest, and ... a fence of barbed wire.

Catherine, a gorgeous young woman, trapped in this golden cage, surrounded by luxury and ... guards.

It's a cold, wet night in November. A night that should also be a cause for celebration.
But Catherine doesn't feel like celebrating; she feels like something else.
And this night offers her the perfect opportunity to make a long-overdue change in her life.

Is it a coincidental opportunity or a long-planned plot?


Ginger Boy - Thriller Novella

Till death do us part - Book Two

What if you are born into a world that doesn't want you?

What if the only person you care about is no longer there?

What if these are your first impressions of your life?


Harry, a young boy, spends the first years of his childhood in a brutal environment, his own home. Until one day, the inevitable happens, and he suddenly finds himself alone.

After years of being a foster child abandoned by the system, he leaves his past behind and builds his own life.

But without money, friends, family or an education, it's a challenging venture.


Stumbling through life, he finds himself in terrible situations until, one day, he meets someone who seems to care. With his help, everything starts to turn for the better. But you can't escape the past forever, so how will Harry deal with facing the devil head-on?